Eat real food.
Natural food is better for you.
    Our mission is to provide people with an option to eat food made with the most natural, local ingredients we can find.  Food that actually makes you feel good when you eat it.  Its no secret that the world we live in is geared towards mass production and cutting costs in all industries.  Food is no exception, and the quality of product this system produces, I believe, is unhealthy.  It is a goal of Little Penguin Tacos to use the most fresh, unadulterated ingredients we can get our hands on.  
   We are always looking to improve, but for the moment, we're using our local supermarkets to source our veggies, fruits, eggs and a couple of meats.  The majority of our pork products come from JV Farms located just down the road in Bismarck, AR.  All of our tortillas are sourced from Tortilleria Brenda in Little Rock, AR.  We pledge to never serve products containing MSG, Added Hormones or Added Steroids and are working at checking GMOs off the list. 
  We appreciate your interest in us.  And thanks for keeping it local.